Muzeum v Bruntále - zámek Bruntál, kosárna Karlovice, hrad Sovinec


Museum in Bruntál

Museum in Bruntál is an allowance organization in Moravian-Silesian Region which joints the function of regional museum and administration of listed buildings.

The functions of regional museum are gathering, fabricating, preserving, protecting and presenting of corporeal cultural and natural heritage from the district Hrubý and Nízký Jeseník and its foothills.

Administration of listed buildings stands for governance, prosecution, servicing, repairs and restorations of the most important immovable cultural monuments in the district of Bruntál- Chateau in Bruntál, Sovinec Castle and kosárna in Karlovice, including the facilities. Museum in Bruntál is the direct continuator of the Urban Museum. The beginnings of the Urban Museum fall in the period between 1898 and 1907 (in this times the first museum association was founded). In 1915 the Gabriel's House was bought. In 1953 became the Museum in Bruntál to a District Museum, it took over the management about the Chateau in Bruntál (the actual seat since 1957), the ruins of Sovinec Castle and kosárna in Karlovice.

Scientific activities were extended since 1960's in overregional specialization. The Museum in Bruntál gathered during its existence more than 43 000 objects which were devided in archeologic, artistic-historic, etnographic, ancient book, historic, silvicultural, botanic, zoology, geologic and entomologic funds.

Museum administers facilities with 1724 objects and the library of the Sovinec Castle and Chateau in Bruntál with aproximately 34 000 books. Important documentation centre is the photoarchive with an extensive collection of negatives and photographies. The library in Museum, which consist of more than 11 000 books, is an special library with books, which are not available in common libraries.

At present days is the Museum responsible for the exposition of the Chateau in Bruntál and 16 other expositions. 13-15 exhibitions of museum facilities and modern arts are organized every year. It's important to mention the far reaching publihing of works, which were written by the Museum employees.

Cultural- educational activity includes guided tours through the exposition of the Chateau in Brutál, exhibitions, lectures, ceilidhs and excursions.

Museum has the function as an organizer of various cultural events-concerts, theatre preformances, fairs, Easter and Christmas fairs and Museum nights.