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Kosárna Karlovice

Kosárna Karlovice Kosárna Karlovice Kosárna Karlovice Kosárna Karlovice Kosárna Karlovice Kosárna Karlovice

Cultural monument 38652/8-116

793 23 Karlovice 146
Phone: +420 554 744 077 (reservations), +420 737 504 784

Opening hours:

XI.-III. By appointment only

Open on public holidays.

Object of Kosárna in Karlovice

was probably built in the 17th century in connection with iron-works which used to be in the village. There were produced scythes, wires and various farm tools since 1725.

Kosárna, which kept its nature of old wooden Silesian architecture, got its current appearance after redevelopement between 1754 and 1922.

This building was bought by the Museum in Bruntál in 1974 and since 1992 it is used as exposition for tourists. Exposition consists of a flat- rent charge, which consists of an living room, bedroom, other rooms are hunting room, which is connected with. cabinet and the kitchen.

Forestry exposition about growing and wood protection and about history of forestry. All of this is completed by works, which were inspired by the landscape of Jeseniky and with graphics made by Rudolf Tamm, who was inspired by the motives from Karlovice and the nearest neighbourhood.

In the barn next to the Kosárna is an exhibition of farm mechinery and tools, which completes the imagination of country life and work in former times.